Ahmedabad Textile Mills’ Association (ATMA), founded in 1891, is the employers’ association working towards the promotion and protection of the interests of the organized sector of the textile industry in and around Ahmedabad, India. In representing the textile industry, ATMA takes up relevant issues with union, state and local self-governments, so as to deliver the best to all its stakeholders – customers, workers, government, channel partners, investors, owners and all such others.

ATMA is a not-for-profit organization of the larger units of Textile Industry of the organized sector situated in and around Ahmedabad.

Today, ATMA is driven by the following basic tenets:

1. Harmonious industrial relations, workers’ welfare and training through consultative processes, leading to consensus in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

2. Concern for continuous upgrading of technology, manufacturing processes, managerial practices and capacity building at all levels, including concern for the quality of life of the public in general and for its employees in particular.

3. Cooperation with the trade and its partners in the channels of distribution.

4. Good corporate citizenship, including the readiness to shoulder social responsibilities.

For further details on India Scenario of Textile Industry please visit our apex body CONFEDERATION OF INDIAN TEXTILE INDUSTRY; www.citiindia.com.

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